The Basic Meeting List Toolbox

Where To Get A BMLT

Current BMLT Project Releases

The BMLT is actually an amalgam of a number of semi-independent projects. This page will tell you about them, and where to get them.

Projects And Locations

The list below enumerates the various “official” BMLT projects, and provides links to them. We may also provide links to “derivative” projects that are not under our direct control.

The BMLT is a large-scale, heterogenous (composed of many different languages and technologies) open-source project spread across 8 different release projects. It is well over 50,000 lines of code in PHP, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, XML, JSON and Objective-C.

Most of the projects can be downloaded in pre-packed ZIP (compressed) files, but the iOS project apps are downloaded from the Apple App Store. Since the project is 100% open-source, and 100% free, you can access the source code directly. The projects are subjected to rigorous version control, using Git and SVN. Releases are carefully tested, and a complete history of each project is available in both their individual source code repositories and their README files.

Localizations (Translations):
US English (‘en’) This is the default language.
Swedish (‘sv’)
German (‘de’)
Canadian French (‘fr’)
Spanish (‘es’)
Danish (only partial translation) (‘da’) This translation is incomplete. Only the satellites have been translated.
Italian (only Partial Translation) (‘it’) This translation is incomplete. Only the satellites have been translated.
Download Releases:
The Root Server Release Download (NOTE: This link points to a changelist that catalogues the changes for each release)
The Drupal 6 Module Release Download
The Drupal 7 Module Release Download
The WordPress Plugin Download Page
The WordPress “Tabbed UI” Plugin Download Page (NOTE: This is not maintained by the principal authors of the BMLT)
The Standalone (BMLT Basic) Satellite Download

Joomla is no longer supported after 3.3.4! The Joomla Component Release Download NOTE: Only Joomla 1.X and 2.X are supported by this component.

iPhone and iPad Apps Available on the Apple App Store

Access the Source Code:
The Main Root Server Project
The Drupal Module Project
The BMLT Basic Satellite Project
The Joomla Component/Plugin Project (NOTE: We no longer directly support Joomla. This repository contains an old version of the plugin).
The WordPress Plugin Source Code Browser
The Satellite Base Class Project
The Satellite “Driver” Project
The WordPress “Tabbed” Plugin Project (NOTE: This is not maintained by the principal authors of the BMLT).
The BMLT Aggregator (“Sandwich”) Project (NOTE: This is not maintained by the principal authors of the BMLT).
All of the BMLT iOS Apps
This is a deprecated (no longer supported) project. However, it will allow “On the fly” PDF generation
These are some “under the hood” tools for working with the BMLT. They may still be under development, and there are NO GUARANTEES WHATSOEVER that they will work, or that they won’t hose your installation. Caveat Emptor. This is an old (deprecated) repository.

The BMLT Root Server

This is the central “primary” server; usually run by a Regional Service body. This establishes a Web site where Meeting List Administrators log in and maintain their individual meeting lists. It is not meant to be used as a general meeting search engine. Its only purpose is administration.

The Satellite Clients

These are the projects that will probably be used by NA Webservants. They provide the user interaction with the root server. Each of these projects installs on an independent Web site, and communicates with the main root server in the background. They integrate perfectly into independent Web sites, and do not require very much from the root server.

CMS Plugins

These are plugins for the three major CMS (Content Management System) types: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!. These are installed into the Web sites, and are the simplest (and most powerful) way to implement the BMLT.

The Basic Satellite Client

This is a version of the satellite client that is designed to be inserted into non-CMS Web sites. It consists of a directory that you place on your site, and instructions for inserting some code into your Web pages to allow the satellite to appear in the page.

The iPhone/iPad App

We have written an iOS (Apple iPhone/iPad) app that connects to certain root servers. Currently, there are only a few implementations, and it is not a straightforward task to create new variants. If you wish to have one done for your Service body, contact us.

There is also an administration app available.

More Projects

The BMLT is comprised of a number of components. Here are links to a couple of those components (These are used in the Satellite Clients, above).

Third-Party Derivative Projects

We encourage folks to develop derivative projects that utilize or extend the BMLT.